December 26, 2011


i don't really know what to say about this... shit happens when you party naked?

December 25, 2011

December 20, 2011

instrumental christmas edit promo

full edit droppin christmas eve, prolly the best present u'll get this year... unless ur a spoiled bitch and ur rents get ya a car or something. were all pagans.
gooooooo peeeeeeeep the instrumental site and cop some christmas presents for ya friends and fam.

santa name droppin

"my dear steven" is on santas naughty list. i lol'd so many freakin times at this. the banger is when santa tells surrey he's been neglecting RANDY... his son. i wonder if he'll get that bicycle he wants?
click here to watch.

December 19, 2011

burg beets

burg beats music vid for "lol oh bye". i'm really diggin all these burg beats poppin out lately. filmed/edited/composed all by benson wishart. WATCH THIS NOW.

brand new vancouver indoor.

judging by these i would say that i'm missing out on some good times back at the chicken coupe.  kitchen sesh featuring dirty dave and chris smith. 

December 18, 2011

burg unit.

random footy mixtape guaranteed to make u laugh at least once ^

stealthy ass sean hanebury hidden part. musta figured out the cheat code to unlock it

 and finally a chill ass promo for eric timmins and yoshi in tokyo.
get at benson...

thadius lenover

world famous train hopper/hitch hiker thadius lenover. its funny cause i was tryin to find this edit a couple days ago to no avail, then lone and behold benson uploaded it to his youtube. project pat and thad. filmed and edited by benson wishart


THE MUTHAFUCKINPARTYOWL. while other predators hunt, the party owl waits. get used to him.!/thepartyowl


james dean

December 15, 2011

drew glacier

spotted this pic of derek cappus on the ol drew cold as a 2012 glacier dot com. a full 2 page spread in canadian cycling magazine. heyyyyyy drewwwww ur surf page has been coming soon for a lil longer than soon... plz get on it, like come on don't you live in the town with the walmart before TOFINO?

benson wishart

benson appears to be back on his web edit game which is dope cause his shits always waaaay better than anything else the internet has to offer. heres some clips from the instrumental ramp demo at jays from the start of the summer, a jamie collins seshin a mini and a braeley wong music vid edit.  go peep all the sounds braeley wong has to offer and hit up burg unit on bandcamp and download everything.

December 14, 2011

why not pa 2 promo

this has been around for a while, but i just restumbled upon it and i'm wonderin when WHY NOT PA 2 is gonna drop? it would be sick if it was soon cause i'm sure hemi has hella footy for it. either way its finna be sick.


PA ALL DAY's newest team member. expect BIG things from him in 2012. PARTY OWL DON'T SLEEP.
join the bird gang follow the party owl on:!/thepartyowl

December 11, 2011


woke up this morning to this! promo for bitches, bikes, and 40's made by non other than pa all star KYLE S JEFFREE. i had no clue that he even had this footage or that he was making this... now i know. i pretty much had a trailer made already, then i did a good ol fashioned computer cleaning moved a buncha shit around and now i gotta reload a gang of the footy, so HOPEFULLY i'll get around to doin that soon. until then enjoy this featuring sheldon fistgerald, mike carnduff, cody ethier, kyle ketch, and james dean. get hyped for the BEST VIDEO OF 2012.

December 10, 2011


tits, art, free stuff, music and comedy... all ur favorite things in one place, figure it out. go support this cause and pump up ur karma in the name of boobs. ps i think people should get on the vagina bandwagon, i would be double stoked if my money was goin to pussy research. hit up the barley show on twitter.

cody hetherington work out video

cody h will bench press ur whole family.

December 09, 2011


BRANDNEWKYLEKETCH. mount arrowsmith sesh with a gang of PA ALL STARS. edited over the phone cred to james dean. lol at brants what im gonna call a back lip to head smash to sketch gettin hit by a parked car.
"if your intro is more hype than the rest of the edit you're doin something right!"

December 05, 2011

doctor hiebert connected/embassy edit

the doctor doing it for vancouver islands finest connected brand clothing. HEYZANEiTHINKUSHOULDGETHIMSUMMORESHIRTS, go peep their site and dress urself in their latest fashions. seen on the embassy.

the good timers

bran new K-MAK venturing into the most uncharted of territories with this tasty mother mother esque song. def my favourite kmak song to date.. but letsbehonest every new hit he puts out is solid gold. download this along with all his greatest hits at

james dean vs. echo park rail

round one of a fight that shoulda took one hit. this was from about a year ago and i found it when i was clearing out my comp, so i tossed this together. since i'm in port today i just might go give it round 2. back ground cred goes to kyle ketch and the DREWTHOUSANDTWELVE GLASER who has some new stuff on his site.. gopeepnow.

December 04, 2011

pa swag

i just came across a couple dope vid's from the children at if ur like me and u like homemade fisheyes, jay-z instrumentals, pa street spots,  hooka hits,  random clips, snapshots and finley watch these and go peep pa swag.

December 01, 2011

rooders welcome to verde edit

andy roode isn’t a name that I’m familiar with, but with riding on this level, I’m sure I’ll be hearing plenty of him in the future.

November 30, 2011


brand new shit. u've never seen this. featuring UGK, porno mags, grimey ass pa street spots, jd and nd.

November 28, 2011

come on down to east hastings for the FU5 premiere this wednesday at the astoria. i've seen FU5 42069 times already so my goal is to black out and roll around an alley with some crackheads. FU BABY

charlie burg

new shit from benson to get that christmas hype poppin.

and while ur at it peep this tasty burg...

November 22, 2011

some stuff i got from the last time i was in PA. featuring pa locs: jarrod cootes, killa cam, hemi, taylor lee... etc

kyle ketch: greatest hits

"first things first, pa all days been boring the fuck out of me" - kyle jeffery ketch
heres a lil sumsumtin to spruce up pa all day in these times of rain. kyl3 k3tch3s g8est h1ts

November 15, 2011

how to be fab

rare regan miller on land footage. featuring some words of advise from james st. james and michael alig.

November 14, 2011

waldos lost and found edit. we filmed a few things a fortnight ago at gateway in surrey. enjoy children.

November 07, 2011


if the posts r lackin on here hit up and follow PA ALL DAYS TUMBLR. guaranteed not to disappoint, hopefully.

October 31, 2011

halloween mixtape

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. i really wanted to make a halloween edit so i did. this is all xtra footy from #BB40s. dave starts it out with the first section. the middle section features everyone u can think of and kyle sketch n james dean finish it off with a splitpart. with halloween flavoured titles and music.
kyle sketch, dave laliberte, dillon llyod, james dean, jason teet, gord calveries, sheldon fitzgerald, braeden barnard, taylor ross, dylan king, james van de kamp, uncle father surrey steve, randy moffat, nick doherr, and mexican dave.


seen this on zachs youtube channel. appt this is a teaser for a full edit, featuring cole and clayton thornhill.

October 30, 2011


3 or 4 years ago i dressed up as adam22 for halloween... probably my best costume to date. i have to be the first (and probably only) person in history to do so. and since i have no other ideas for this year im thinkin im gonna resurrect this one. happy halloween.

October 27, 2011

October 26, 2011

top secret

 dave laliberte dippin a 3
 taylor ross.
taylor "barspinfirstrun" ross
dilly and dave have been puttin in sum werk on some new trails...

October 23, 2011


as far as interviews go this is heaty as they come. highlights include a mid interview killing of a black bear,  tamiko, NHL 12 and tamiko

October 22, 2011

stay fat fridays

kill em all productions is now expanded to kill em all distribution... heres dirty daves welcome edit, made by non other than uncle father surrey.

October 20, 2011


 halloween is almost here make sure to take advantage of the only time of year u can wear a mask and not get arrested. heres a lil sumsumtin from a sesh a night or two ago. featuring jason teet, jordan hango, and mike sharpe all doin it for RIDE ON. we got some other shit that day buts its goin in the footy hoard for #BB40s

james van damned kamp

seasons greetings from james van de kreep. reminding you that halloween is a time of giving and is promoted by MOST religions. ps... remember kids always check ur candy for razor blades, godbless.

October 16, 2011

black and rice

2 dope edits starring chance campbell. seeen on lil zachs youtube

dave laliberte

thread the needle over, under and between.


PA ALL GAY!!!! hahahhaha i bet u were expecting some snatch... u faggots. april fools biiiiiiiitchesssssss.


posting has been a lil slow in the last week or so cause im finally back in van and back to no real internet connection. but filming for bitches bikes and 40's has been goin the fuck off. everyone has been stacking hella clips for there parts. expect to see full parts from kyle sketch, james dean, dave laliberte, dylan king,  braedan bernard, the moffatman and pretty much every single person from van/the island has at least one banger. if u dont have ne clips yet holla at me and we'll make it happen.

ultrarare cody e

cody e hung up his mountain climbing gear for a day and dusted off the 20's. he still found time to give us a free climbing clinic.

October 08, 2011



music maxx

brrrrapraprap kyle sketch stompin music maxx. sketch has been stackinstackinstackin clips errerrerrrrrrrrrrday. now the question is... uhhhhh barspin??? #BITCHES, BIKES AND 40s

sheldon fistgerald

yesterday nanaimo got lit up like a book of matches. sheldonfitsfuckingerald got allllot of shit done including these 2 rail hops.

October 06, 2011

October 01, 2011