January 30, 2012

mOuNt WaShInGtOn KjS

mount washington looks so sick right now. i'mma have to head over asap... pa all days own kyle jeffery ketch cooked up this dank ass edit. heres his thoughts on it.
"Hard hitting action, the kind your girlfriend likes.
Featuring appearances by KJS, Lij 'The Wilderness' Anderson, Brant 'Legendary Bird' Coney, Previous Father of the Year Award recipient Daddy Duff, Sean 'Corey's Brother' McVay and Tim 'Every German's Favorite Bun' Keizer.
Film Jobs courtesy of KJS, ConeHead, Lij and Tim Tim not to be mistaken with Tin Tin."

January 25, 2012

you gat that

you got that dot blogspot dot com posted a couple dope pics of benson and lil sean.

 benson ollie'n a rather large set to thread the needle
sean hannaburg with a 5-0

ghetto mansion

theres a dope lil write up on the ghetto mansion on the least most with a bunch of pictures from jason vawter of the FINGER BANG franchise (if u haven't got a copy yet i suggest you do asap) a bunch of the ghetto kids have clips in bitches bikes and 40's. speaking of that, i've been editing the fuck out of it lately and the promo is almost done, for real this time and i promise YOU WILL BE FUCKIN STOKED.

luis almazan vid.

i came across this10 minute long video from luis almazan. i gots some different angles of some of these clips in here. featuring a gang footage from last summer of a goat load of van locs from a bunch of different sesh's.

January 24, 2012

dillys very own bio page.

dilly's bio page is up on DELUXE along with an interview and some top fives. an what cha know pa all day made his top five websites, boom. go peep dillys page right heeeeeeeeere

dilly welcome to deluxe edit

pretty pumped on how this turned out and i'm fuckin stoked dillys getting hooked up by kill em all/deluxe. dillys out there everyday diggin his and trailbosses love-child, KUSH TRAILS and  deserves some love for that shit. now trail boss just needs a hook up. filmed and edited by james dean.

January 19, 2012

January 17, 2012

foe mag

foe mag 3. mike carroll has a 2 page spread with some pics and a write up. and theres a connected ad featuring zane featuring HIM NOT EVEN WEARING A CONNECTED SHIRT... branding at its finest hahaha.

January 16, 2012

blazeguard. dirty daves and dilly.

its been a good while since a new blazeguard edit. dirty dave, lil dirty dave and dirty dilly light up ur computer screens with a sesh in the heart of surrey at chunk bailey.

fold friday. monday.

been a while since the last fold friday and i figured what better day to bring it back than a monday. heres sum mystery pics for you to save to ur phones.

and heres a bonus pic of BEAR CAT throwin it up and gettin a lil promiscuous for the camera.

January 12, 2012

npd, a cop and kjs

 is that a huffy?
 nickolas pauly d ^
kyle ketch shot from one of his many clips in bitches, bikes and 40's.


party owl 2.2 in the werks. hes gonna ruffle some feathers with this one.

dude queers.

crisp briggens, mike christmas carroll, jesse dehart and jiff jiggums. fuck i gotta go to vic asap. i miss them kids. filmed and edited by kerr bilsland.

January 11, 2012

happy birthday kyle ketch.

its the man featured in ride bmx magazine/ kmak rap/ av times newspaper KYLE KETCH's birthday today. snort some coke and fuck an asian and watch his birthday edit.

January 05, 2012

new new cummin soon

and in final benson news he hooked up this sick collage. aaaaaand now that were on topic, 2012 holds nothing but good things for pa all day. i've been slackin posting lately cause i've been all over the place doin who knows what, buuuuuut expect big things and big changes: new look, new people posting, shirts, bitches bikes and 40s, world tour and whatever else we can conjure up. stay tuned.
ps... dylan king/sylvester stallone welcome to deluxe edit, party owl 2.2, almurda mixtape2 and BB40s promo all in progress, all coming real quick like.

more burgs.

ohhh ya i blinked and forgot about these... a montage of a everysinglepaloc. and a steezy as ever sean hannaburg part which i do believe i've seeen b4. ohhh and on another side note hit up http://burgunit.blogspot.com/ cause it appears to be unabandoned.


bensons been machine gunnin out edits lately. heres a re-edit of some footy from paint skate in nanaimo
from summer 2011.
and then peeeeep this. a dope edit of ur fave hippy house, the gibson residence.