October 31, 2011

halloween mixtape

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. i really wanted to make a halloween edit so i did. this is all xtra footy from #BB40s. dave starts it out with the first section. the middle section features everyone u can think of and kyle sketch n james dean finish it off with a splitpart. with halloween flavoured titles and music.
kyle sketch, dave laliberte, dillon llyod, james dean, jason teet, gord calveries, sheldon fitzgerald, braeden barnard, taylor ross, dylan king, james van de kamp, uncle father surrey steve, randy moffat, nick doherr, and mexican dave.


seen this on zachs youtube channel. appt this is a teaser for a full edit, featuring cole and clayton thornhill.

October 30, 2011


3 or 4 years ago i dressed up as adam22 for halloween... probably my best costume to date. i have to be the first (and probably only) person in history to do so. and since i have no other ideas for this year im thinkin im gonna resurrect this one. happy halloween.

October 27, 2011

October 26, 2011

top secret

 dave laliberte dippin a 3
 taylor ross.
taylor "barspinfirstrun" ross
dilly and dave have been puttin in sum werk on some new trails...

October 23, 2011


as far as interviews go this is heaty as they come. highlights include a mid interview killing of a black bear,  tamiko, NHL 12 and tamiko

October 22, 2011

stay fat fridays

kill em all productions is now expanded to kill em all distribution... heres dirty daves welcome edit, made by non other than uncle father surrey.

October 20, 2011


 halloween is almost here make sure to take advantage of the only time of year u can wear a mask and not get arrested. heres a lil sumsumtin from a sesh a night or two ago. featuring jason teet, jordan hango, and mike sharpe all doin it for RIDE ON. we got some other shit that day buts its goin in the footy hoard for #BB40s

james van damned kamp

seasons greetings from james van de kreep. reminding you that halloween is a time of giving and is promoted by MOST religions. ps... remember kids always check ur candy for razor blades, godbless.

October 16, 2011

black and rice

2 dope edits starring chance campbell. seeen on lil zachs youtube

dave laliberte

thread the needle over, under and between.


PA ALL GAY!!!! hahahhaha i bet u were expecting some snatch... u faggots. april fools biiiiiiiitchesssssss.


posting has been a lil slow in the last week or so cause im finally back in van and back to no real internet connection. but filming for bitches bikes and 40's has been goin the fuck off. everyone has been stacking hella clips for there parts. expect to see full parts from kyle sketch, james dean, dave laliberte, dylan king,  braedan bernard, the moffatman and pretty much every single person from van/the island has at least one banger. if u dont have ne clips yet holla at me and we'll make it happen.

ultrarare cody e

cody e hung up his mountain climbing gear for a day and dusted off the 20's. he still found time to give us a free climbing clinic.

October 08, 2011



music maxx

brrrrapraprap kyle sketch stompin music maxx. sketch has been stackinstackinstackin clips errerrerrrrrrrrrrday. now the question is... uhhhhh barspin??? #BITCHES, BIKES AND 40s

sheldon fistgerald

yesterday nanaimo got lit up like a book of matches. sheldonfitsfuckingerald got allllot of shit done including these 2 rail hops.

October 06, 2011

October 01, 2011