April 24, 2012

kill em all

blaise olsen the boss man at KILL EM ALL DISTRIBUTION came thru with this care package. big ups and a thousand thank you's. if ur shop doesn't deal with KEA i highly suggest u get them on it and asap. go check the canadian concrete site too cause the dates and locations are gonna be droppin real quick like so keep ya eyes peeled.

April 23, 2012


Straight from the wicked twisted mind of Drew COLD AS A GLACIER Glaser comes a BEHIND THE SCENES look into the production of the follow up to one of the most critically acclaimed projects to hit the internet this side of the k mak revolution that sparked the frenzy in the middle school nation only 4 years ago. JIBBY JIBS @ WISHY WASH ROUND 2 ACTUAL GOOD QUALITY FOOTAGE brings you a preview of the next mindboggling washington edit that will be hitting the airwaves in a matter of minutes.

KEEP an eye or two out for some behind the scenes photographs to appear sometime in the future as well. Drews been sharpening up his act behing the lens and captured some crisp shots.

also: dont forget to check DREW GLASER'S OFFICIAL SITE  for more crisp photo action of his.
also: I recommend hitting up his VIMEO PAGE to peep this and other videos in HIGH CRISPY DEFINITION

April 20, 2012


fuck 420. with cocaine becoming more and more socially acceptable i vote we have a national coke snorting day, fuck it  actually crack smoking day. fuck pussy ass weed. either way we're not quite that cool as a society, yet... so heres to the dank we all know and love.


theres just something about a girl in a leather jacket...
the two things everybody wants to see.

the goondang mixtape

bryce goooondang cooked up a deece as fuck mixtape. pretty good for being the first thing he's ever filmed/edited. featuring front flips, bails, powlines, whistler, washington, tree collisions, goondang, aaron heatherington industries, kyle raymond romano west and ryan woodpiss.

April 06, 2012

my sponsor me video.

soooo this is the reason i'm gettin right bush crazy and haven't had a day off in well over a month... i guess i can say thank you for sponsoring my summer vacation tour of doin nothin but having adventures and filming with my friends, much like last summer...


jesus crappin christ i'm pissed off i'm not gonna be there this year, first time i've missed it in years. i suggest all u pussies get yo asses there and go hard in the dirty vic.

heres some gopro action from about 30 mins of last years jam.