August 15, 2012


crill ass chris ass shit. logan masniuk made this deece ass street as fuck victoria edit. the highlight for me was the pegs to smith on the rail/ledge combo.

gobbo/dinah bf/gf split edit.

gf colab edits are sooo damn hot right now. i can't help but think of some classic babe filmed parts when i watch this,,, dirty dave, gary young, kyle sketch etc etc... this is ain't no "oh i just brought my girlfriend to the skatepark to watch me do cool things and look good for my friends..." this is real street shit, gettin grimey, gettin clips having a romantic date with my babe. solid gobbo gold.

August 07, 2012


hot carl, hot carroll, hot hudson, and dad irwin call the shots.. all the tricks in this are NBD exclusive crazy combos with so many spins flips whips bars and hang 5s your head will explode. xgames caliber riding at its finest. editors note: this was filmed on pride weekend.. every single person in this vid marched proud in the pride parade and would like to give a special shout out to their boiiiizzzzzz ;) brought to you by connected brand clothing and ride on bike shop.

vancouver flatland scene report

just casually strollin down the road by my house and boom i figured out vancouver has a flatland scene... this is mainly just a fuckin around fun edit. stoked to film more of this and make some full flat land edits. featuring troy topma, brad mackie and some japanese dudes whos names i'm not sure of.

dave laliberte's welcome to kill em all/bsd edit.

filmed and edited by uncle father.