September 28, 2012



"Oh man, the good ol days at gyro skatepark may be a few dirty playboy calenders gone, but the memories are fresher than the avacados on the sandwhich my boo just built me! A young cute Colton Toronto, on a white and black wethepeople complete, would constantly follow me around, asking me how I do all the tricks I do. Finally, we began our long and travelled adventure in which I was mentor, he, my young padawan. Now, through my excruciatingly painful, difficult, dangerous training regimen, Colton has flowered into a PRIZED HORSE of the bmx world, and even more so, he has budded into a fully developed MAN. We have only me, Kyle Sketsch, to thank! I present to you, with shear excitement, enthusiasm, and a sense of pride only a Father can know - COLTON FUCKING TORONTO!" - Kyle Jeffrey Sketsch, PA ALL DAY Pro/Talent Scout/Agent/Producer/Associate

September 27, 2012


A sad day has befallen this blog.
The go pro will NOT TAKE CHARGE.

THOUGH, on the bright side..... it mayyyy mean Colton Toronto's edit (which holds more hype than garret reynolds' deadline part) could make an unfinished leak onto the web sometime soon....

Till then lets take a walk down memory lane with two classssic short but sweet pa sk8p3rk edits ft. two PA greats. Both are shot exclusively in GO-PRO-VISION, of course:

September 19, 2012

kyle jeffrey sketch, man i feel like a woman, for the boys, internet video part.

we're venturing into some unchartered territory with this edit... kyle sketch doin it for the boys.
nothin but hops, barspins, candy bars and unwaxed ledges, it don't get more street. 
the music in this is trey jones inspired.. cause nothings more punk then shania twain. don't think so? then ur a fuckin conformist faggot.
for the women and the boys.
filmed in PA city, van city and nan city.
made by james dean.

September 12, 2012


WOW what a week!!! NHL 13 was released today to the delight of millions, though many of those delighted children, stoner teens and old salty men who play online will soon be disappointed when they start losing to the legend that is Kyle Sketch as he once again basks in NHL fame and fortune.

The N(C)HL hockey season is also here, beginning friday for the Flying Tankers, so in celebration of last years pool B championship victory (whats pool A?) heres a preview of what Mr. James Hills and Sketschy_10 have been working on during the offseason.


EVEN BETTER heres the 1st installment of PA ALL DAY's latest entirely original invention-


4:30am......   Leave chicks house drunk as hell
4:31am......   Aim down gnarly hill, laugh and scream gayly, with D ( riding shotgun on JDs perfect 10s
4:32am......   Call Ambulance

Staples to hold the scalp together, stitches to hold the top of his ear on, and road rash/scrapes/cuts everywhere else on his face/head/body.

Be careful out there kids, as for Drew... Glad youre ok buddy.



Standout clips from: Regans Arms, Project Pat, and Granny's Chicken



Cameos: Jesus Korman, Tamigotchi, KJS, James Hills

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you...


August 15, 2012


crill ass chris ass shit. logan masniuk made this deece ass street as fuck victoria edit. the highlight for me was the pegs to smith on the rail/ledge combo.

gobbo/dinah bf/gf split edit.

gf colab edits are sooo damn hot right now. i can't help but think of some classic babe filmed parts when i watch this,,, dirty dave, gary young, kyle sketch etc etc... this is ain't no "oh i just brought my girlfriend to the skatepark to watch me do cool things and look good for my friends..." this is real street shit, gettin grimey, gettin clips having a romantic date with my babe. solid gobbo gold.

August 07, 2012


hot carl, hot carroll, hot hudson, and dad irwin call the shots.. all the tricks in this are NBD exclusive crazy combos with so many spins flips whips bars and hang 5s your head will explode. xgames caliber riding at its finest. editors note: this was filmed on pride weekend.. every single person in this vid marched proud in the pride parade and would like to give a special shout out to their boiiiizzzzzz ;) brought to you by connected brand clothing and ride on bike shop.

vancouver flatland scene report

just casually strollin down the road by my house and boom i figured out vancouver has a flatland scene... this is mainly just a fuckin around fun edit. stoked to film more of this and make some full flat land edits. featuring troy topma, brad mackie and some japanese dudes whos names i'm not sure of.

dave laliberte's welcome to kill em all/bsd edit.

filmed and edited by uncle father.

July 29, 2012

jesse hildebrandt one six edit

so for the last couple weeks i was posted up on the island havin myself a van island of a time, for the boys, of course and along the way amidst the drugs and booze i think some riding got done... either way jesse was tellin me that ONE SIX said he should get on makin em an edit.. so boom heres probably the first jesse h footy in at least 69420666 minutes. wEtRiPpYmAnE

Vancouver Dank

PA ALL DAY's investors came through!
as we know life isnt free, dare we worry????
thats why we have credit cards and sugar mommas!!!!
pa all star Kyle Sketch and Juniour All Star / Man In Training Ashton Bottaro
were sent to vancouver for a few days to enjoy the hospitality and company of
vancouver's original local JAMES DEAN. 

these are some pics stolen from JDs tumblr or instagram im not sure which.

footy to follow...... proly around the same time as #BB40s tho...
Actually not NEAR the same time as Bitches Bikes and 40s, that was a joke:

Garrett Reynolds on a post X games bender, posin with sketsch and bottaro!

Ashton Buttfucking Bottaro aka Superpimp aka Shawn SHitty Macintosh aka "My Little Brat"

AAAANND I figure we'll end with a candidate for #WORLDRECORDSCABS

EDIT: I just realized this is PA ALL DAY'S 420th post, so Im gonna re-the-fuck-up party owl and loop and auto-play it (after annoying the FUCK out of us here at Headquarters Im taking off autoplay lol). Its the only thing I feel is right.

July 20, 2012


Life in Port Alberni means mannny things, and a very important thing in particular is having babies, and last month's PA birthchild came in the form of BURNT DISC #1.

The latest thing to pop out of this girls vagina is...


features mixed stuff from jd sketsch cody sheldon colt toronto lij and zack
ends with a short and sexy part ft Asthon Bottaro

June 01, 2012

p-roll #1

behind the scenes with: taylor barspin first run ross, david laliberte, kyle jeffery sketschea, dylan king, paul langlands, joelseph party in the clark, whistler luke, george bolter, zach abrea, sheldon from the box office hit baby geniuses, james dean, jordan hango, moffman, crisp riggens, patrick, nick vale whistler

canadian concrete 2012

blaise got rid of kirkstone and added chuck bailey... should be deeeeeece.
hit up:

at least a million 7th annual gt jam videos.

let me just start by saying that pa all days own james dean won the annual game of footdown (no surprise there) and i think crisp riggens won best trick with a 360 hand plant over the small spine and a close second would go to jesse hildebrandt for 3'n the pyramid box the long way. i have a bunch of footage i have to edit so knowing me who the fuck knows when that will be done... until then enjoy.

first up is kerr bilsland's vid for the embassy.
second is tanner roths vid. bonus points for gettin the 2 best takedowns in foot down. xtra bonus for using a lucero song.

finally rayden wickop's rendition of the 7th annual gt jam.

April 24, 2012

kill em all

blaise olsen the boss man at KILL EM ALL DISTRIBUTION came thru with this care package. big ups and a thousand thank you's. if ur shop doesn't deal with KEA i highly suggest u get them on it and asap. go check the canadian concrete site too cause the dates and locations are gonna be droppin real quick like so keep ya eyes peeled.

April 23, 2012


Straight from the wicked twisted mind of Drew COLD AS A GLACIER Glaser comes a BEHIND THE SCENES look into the production of the follow up to one of the most critically acclaimed projects to hit the internet this side of the k mak revolution that sparked the frenzy in the middle school nation only 4 years ago. JIBBY JIBS @ WISHY WASH ROUND 2 ACTUAL GOOD QUALITY FOOTAGE brings you a preview of the next mindboggling washington edit that will be hitting the airwaves in a matter of minutes.

KEEP an eye or two out for some behind the scenes photographs to appear sometime in the future as well. Drews been sharpening up his act behing the lens and captured some crisp shots.

also: dont forget to check DREW GLASER'S OFFICIAL SITE  for more crisp photo action of his.
also: I recommend hitting up his VIMEO PAGE to peep this and other videos in HIGH CRISPY DEFINITION

April 20, 2012


fuck 420. with cocaine becoming more and more socially acceptable i vote we have a national coke snorting day, fuck it  actually crack smoking day. fuck pussy ass weed. either way we're not quite that cool as a society, yet... so heres to the dank we all know and love.


theres just something about a girl in a leather jacket...
the two things everybody wants to see.

the goondang mixtape

bryce goooondang cooked up a deece as fuck mixtape. pretty good for being the first thing he's ever filmed/edited. featuring front flips, bails, powlines, whistler, washington, tree collisions, goondang, aaron heatherington industries, kyle raymond romano west and ryan woodpiss.

April 06, 2012

my sponsor me video.

soooo this is the reason i'm gettin right bush crazy and haven't had a day off in well over a month... i guess i can say thank you for sponsoring my summer vacation tour of doin nothin but having adventures and filming with my friends, much like last summer...


jesus crappin christ i'm pissed off i'm not gonna be there this year, first time i've missed it in years. i suggest all u pussies get yo asses there and go hard in the dirty vic.

heres some gopro action from about 30 mins of last years jam.

March 27, 2012


Welllllllll lets take a look at the PA ALL STARS injury list:

-Ethier took up backflipping with fellow mtber Darren Bearclaw
-K Maks arranged marriage has found him deep in the vic city club scene
-James dean drinks alone on doherr's cold cement floor, same place he sleeps
-Dickity Pauly D Doherr married some Rigger bitch and gets bitched at for
letting JD live off of them like the vagrant he is
-Krista Kulcyski, Brant Coney, and Sheldon Fistfuckgerald are also chasin the great
CANADIAN DREAM, but in the Real Rigger land of ALBERTA
-Regan Millers been puttin in work in the gyms and streets and fishboats of vancity
-Daddy Duff, well, we all know what hes doin

the port alberni associate pa all day headquarters / pa all day pa all stars scout management resource center / pa all stars personel and staffing port alberni location head office space

March 24, 2012

fold friday

the fu man seems to be poppin up everywhere these days. BMXFU BABY.

March 23, 2012


More HEVIL HEAT in the form of a Kym Grosser Vancity Mixtape. HOT off the press, ft clips from the mafia don Surrey "yeah i was basically a pro once whose countin" Steve, Andy Mcgrath, Chris Smith, Jordan Hango, and island pimp Clayton Fifeild.

ohhhhhh and not to mention, hard as fuck clips from OG PA LOC, Regan GODDAMNMOTHERFUCKING Miller.
Watch out for REGAN on the pro circuit in 2012, this is his year and you can runteldat

March 22, 2012




Back in a time when this site wasnt playyyyyed the fuck out, sellin madddd adspace and bein endorsed by top van city(heard of it?) pros,, doherr hadnt spread his wings or started a family, molt toronto hadnt even began hitting the gym, and iphones were the new dslr's.

this og as fuck iphone edit will blow you
ft O 'beforethecumupevenexisted' G ANTI SALVIA PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT narrated by pauly 'beforejerseyshoreevenexisted' d

March 21, 2012


spotted this on adam22's instagram. alls i gotta say is el oh el. to be honest i'm gonna go ahead and say that the pa all star alumni is probably responsible for about 40% of the comments on the come up. cause as u and i know the whole point of the internet is to comment anonymously and in this case nonymously(?) on everything possible. its good to see us gettin some goddamn recognition for all our hard work. now go FOLLOW @paallday on instagram and while ur at it FOLLOW US ON TWITTER

March 20, 2012

XXXCLUSIVE BB40z 2.0 ft JD Hillz

xxxclusive Bitches Bikes + 40z sneak peak!
take a walk with us, in our brand new, top secret, 2012 private indoor training facility.
PA All Star James Dean learning the infamous dew tour stunt, the BARSPINNER!!!

March 08, 2012

fold friday

its friday somewhere.

ride bmx magazine the kyle sketch issue.

when this issue came out the internet was in the process of blooming from a young innocent beautiful virgin into a sluts gaping vagina that everyone has stuck their dick deep deep inside a million times. in these times ride still had somewhat of a presence/relevance in the bmx scene (a lot more than it has now at least, whats ride?). cue in kyle "the asian sensation" (tamiko) sketch. ride seen this young child and was like dayumm we gotta suck his printed dick. so they did, and gave him and his young photographer (which i just figured out HE HASN'T RENEWED) a 2 page spread in their triumphant scene monopolizing trend setting bmx magazine. then they never printed another kyle sketch photo and coincidently fell through like a figure skater on thin ice. moral of the story is... DREW NEEDS TO RE-UP HIS WEBSITE AND TAKE MORE FUCKIN PHOTOS. go peep BMX PLUS!'s web site.


March 03, 2012

Junior All Stars REMIX.0

After some behind the scenes conflict about a forgotten clip, facebook beef over song usage, and an exclusive interview with the head of a top scouting agency, a remix was definitely in order.

March 02, 2012

Self Filmed Loner Edit

PA All Star K - Sketch took a solo cruise on a deece day in The Port Alberni.
Filmed and edited by K - Sketch himself.

Sometimes a solo cruise can be the best sesh a guy can get. especially if his friends are losers

February 29, 2012



This argument is illogical and people who use it are not intelligent:

"This person is having more fun than you"

SHUT THE FUCK UP. How do you know how much fun I have? Plz. Enlighten me.

And now for what brought me to say that:

Mike Mastroni has been a hot topic lately, not just because he traded his emo clothes with a homeless scenster bum, but because of his "GROUNDBREAKING CREATIVITY. lol.

"Mike Mastroni is s0o0o creative."

Sure, and so are muuuuultipe other people out there, they just don't feel that a 'put my hand down while doing a crankstall on a moving playground obstacle' is really worth filming. Besides, Im sure if Joe 'No Name' Balony filmed a line like that people would think it was lame. But if someone with some heat behind them does it, aka Mastroni, Nathan WIlliams, Garret Reynolds, or Whoooever, it will be viewed as "Toootally creative." Trust me, I get it, skateboarders have been doing the whole "Im more creative and having more fun than you" thing for years.

One can be creative without pulling an Adolescent Special, (Blonde faux hawk on monday - cock rail piercings, sharpies eyebrows and a leather coat on tuesday). One can be creative while still maintaining the style they always have, and while still riding within the realm of what's normally known as bmx. A great example of creativity in bmx is a barspin to toboggan manual to barspin out clip in an Embassy video released a few months back. (Sorry I don't remember the name of the rider.)

You don't need to dress in your slutty sister's jean shorts and pretend like you don't care what your grandma thinks of your homeless trash beard just to portray yourself as creative. And if somebody does decide to dress this way, it doesn't mean they have more fun than anyone else when they ride. Strangely enough.


Needs more short shorts, playgrounds, and creepy facial hair.

Needs more short shorts, homeless facial hair and playgrounds.


Just because a company makes a part a certain way, does not mean it will make you a better rider, or that the part is any way proper on a bmx bike. Massive 10 inch tall bars fit under this category. Has anybody taken the time to realize that once you get passed "shoulder width", the wider your bars get, the lower your shoulders become? which by the way, works AGAINST the entire reasoning people buy topload stems,

As an added note on big bars: I DO UNDERSTAND THE BENEFITS OF USING A SUITABLE SIZED BAR. But when you weigh 135 lbs and are 5' 8", you are limiting yourself by using a bar bigger than ~8 inches.

A MAN-SIZED man can get away with it, yes. But to all you kids out there with xxl bars, you look like idiots.


Just because a company makes a part a certain way, does not mean it will make you a better rider, or that the part is any way proper on a bmx bike. Massive 10 inch tall bars fit under this category. Has anybody taken the time to realize that once you get passed "shoulder width", the wider your bars get, the lower your shoulders become? which by the way, works AGAINST the entire reasoning people buy topload stems,

As an added note on big bars: I DO UNDERSTAND THE BENEFITS OF USING A SUITABLE SIZED BAR. But when you weigh 135 lbs and are 5' 8", you are limiting yourself by using a bar bigger than ~8 inches.

A MAN-SIZED man can get away with it, yes. But to all you kids out there with xxl bars, you look like idiots.

February 28, 2012


Straight from their favourite library make out spots comes The Junior Allstars for a sunny day training session, each vying to catch the attention of top BMX scouts!
Mostly raw, but containing a delightful track for added viewing pleasure.

February 17, 2012

jason teet lost tapes

jason teet lost tapes. the intro is lol'able. go peep RIDE ON and buy some quality bike parts.

February 11, 2012

samantha moores brother.

heres some of sams brother (keegan lorenzo moore) and his baby gurl kapila ragini otherwise known as THE GOODTIMERS to get you stoked for ur weekend of alcohol and drug consuming.

GT JAM 2012

ohhhhhh baby, THE SEVENTH ANNUAL, GT JAM, 2012. if you haven't been to a GT JAM then ur obv a pussy ass mountain biker with a gaping vagina.
peeeeeep the videos below fer a lil taste of just a jew of the happenings from last years gongshow.

crisp friggins at his finest^ i didn't even know my camera was on at the start of this. chris lost a wheel, bars, flash and tripod to the gt jam last year and jerry lost a full bike to the fire. 

February 10, 2012

fold friday

scandalous.  if u peep this shit follow pa all day on twitter for nothing related to anything and a whole lot more.

February 08, 2012

art student video submission.

keegan mooretello aka k-mak aka an accomplished college graduate comes thru with this lil edit of him and clay venne who i didn't even goddamn well recognize cause hes apparently goin bald.. that or he just got a haircut.

February 06, 2012

taylor ellvee

taylor elvy made a edit. its sick. it got clips from rooder, randy yo, dave scott, and blair pennell

January 30, 2012

mOuNt WaShInGtOn KjS

mount washington looks so sick right now. i'mma have to head over asap... pa all days own kyle jeffery ketch cooked up this dank ass edit. heres his thoughts on it.
"Hard hitting action, the kind your girlfriend likes.
Featuring appearances by KJS, Lij 'The Wilderness' Anderson, Brant 'Legendary Bird' Coney, Previous Father of the Year Award recipient Daddy Duff, Sean 'Corey's Brother' McVay and Tim 'Every German's Favorite Bun' Keizer.
Film Jobs courtesy of KJS, ConeHead, Lij and Tim Tim not to be mistaken with Tin Tin."

January 25, 2012

you gat that

you got that dot blogspot dot com posted a couple dope pics of benson and lil sean.

 benson ollie'n a rather large set to thread the needle
sean hannaburg with a 5-0

ghetto mansion

theres a dope lil write up on the ghetto mansion on the least most with a bunch of pictures from jason vawter of the FINGER BANG franchise (if u haven't got a copy yet i suggest you do asap) a bunch of the ghetto kids have clips in bitches bikes and 40's. speaking of that, i've been editing the fuck out of it lately and the promo is almost done, for real this time and i promise YOU WILL BE FUCKIN STOKED.

luis almazan vid.

i came across this10 minute long video from luis almazan. i gots some different angles of some of these clips in here. featuring a gang footage from last summer of a goat load of van locs from a bunch of different sesh's.

January 24, 2012

dillys very own bio page.

dilly's bio page is up on DELUXE along with an interview and some top fives. an what cha know pa all day made his top five websites, boom. go peep dillys page right heeeeeeeeere

dilly welcome to deluxe edit

pretty pumped on how this turned out and i'm fuckin stoked dillys getting hooked up by kill em all/deluxe. dillys out there everyday diggin his and trailbosses love-child, KUSH TRAILS and  deserves some love for that shit. now trail boss just needs a hook up. filmed and edited by james dean.

January 19, 2012

January 17, 2012

foe mag

foe mag 3. mike carroll has a 2 page spread with some pics and a write up. and theres a connected ad featuring zane featuring HIM NOT EVEN WEARING A CONNECTED SHIRT... branding at its finest hahaha.

January 16, 2012

blazeguard. dirty daves and dilly.

its been a good while since a new blazeguard edit. dirty dave, lil dirty dave and dirty dilly light up ur computer screens with a sesh in the heart of surrey at chunk bailey.

fold friday. monday.

been a while since the last fold friday and i figured what better day to bring it back than a monday. heres sum mystery pics for you to save to ur phones.

and heres a bonus pic of BEAR CAT throwin it up and gettin a lil promiscuous for the camera.

January 12, 2012

npd, a cop and kjs

 is that a huffy?
 nickolas pauly d ^
kyle ketch shot from one of his many clips in bitches, bikes and 40's.


party owl 2.2 in the werks. hes gonna ruffle some feathers with this one.

dude queers.

crisp briggens, mike christmas carroll, jesse dehart and jiff jiggums. fuck i gotta go to vic asap. i miss them kids. filmed and edited by kerr bilsland.

January 11, 2012

happy birthday kyle ketch.

its the man featured in ride bmx magazine/ kmak rap/ av times newspaper KYLE KETCH's birthday today. snort some coke and fuck an asian and watch his birthday edit.

January 05, 2012

new new cummin soon

and in final benson news he hooked up this sick collage. aaaaaand now that were on topic, 2012 holds nothing but good things for pa all day. i've been slackin posting lately cause i've been all over the place doin who knows what, buuuuuut expect big things and big changes: new look, new people posting, shirts, bitches bikes and 40s, world tour and whatever else we can conjure up. stay tuned.
ps... dylan king/sylvester stallone welcome to deluxe edit, party owl 2.2, almurda mixtape2 and BB40s promo all in progress, all coming real quick like.

more burgs.

ohhh ya i blinked and forgot about these... a montage of a everysinglepaloc. and a steezy as ever sean hannaburg part which i do believe i've seeen b4. ohhh and on another side note hit up cause it appears to be unabandoned.


bensons been machine gunnin out edits lately. heres a re-edit of some footy from paint skate in nanaimo
from summer 2011.
and then peeeeep this. a dope edit of ur fave hippy house, the gibson residence.