September 27, 2011

james dean at bonsor

indian givers r sooooooooo in. filmed and edit by zach abrea who may or maynot be submitting clips for bitches, bikes and 40s.

JTs coverage of canadian concrete 2011

jt's coverage of canadian concrete some how i hadn't seen these yet. lol at the fact i found myself in both video display pics. i'm just gonna go ahead and call out the billy idol song... not that i don't like it just played itself out after 30 seconds. BLAZEGUARD

September 26, 2011


throwin back to the summer of 07.  dano has the heaviest line at 1:31. this seems like only a month or 2 ago... not4fuckinyears, life flys when ur a dirtbag. from "why not pa?" a hemiland production.

instrumental ramp camp 2011

"islanders are a buncha redneck drunks" and it don't get more redneck than this. i remember back when ramp camp was summer kick off and jamies parents were nice enough to have it at arrowvale campground... way more partiers showed up than actual skaters... shit was ballin but i can see how no one wanted to be responsible for that. now its way the fuck out sprout lake, theres just as much booze, just less dirtbags such as myself. good times. theres a buncha pics and a full scouting report on YOU GOT THAT. while ur at it hit up the instrumental site.

September 24, 2011


drrrrrrrrrrrrummmmmmm rolllllllllll. holy shit this took me forever to get online. since starting this edit dave has clocked enough clips for about 5 more edits... a gang of footage is goin in bitches, bikes and 40s, and i'm sure there will be another edit or 2 before that drops. watch this and get stoked kids, dave has more style than a fashion show.
ps... ride on suffered a fire about a month ago and today is there reopening so what better way to mark this occasion than this edit.  now watch this go to ride on and cop sum new shit.

kyleketch/reganmiller clips

2 original pa all stars. i wish i got to ride with these 2 everyday, that ain't the case tho cause ones always on a boat and ones always on an island. sketch has a shit load of clips for bitches bikes and 40's and regans starting his collection. heres a couple random things filmed in the last few days.

September 22, 2011


benson wishart
[o] matt mcleod
[o] matt mcleod

i woke up yesterday morning pumped as fuck, for a few different reasons... one being that im in PA for the first time in 3 months and i was ready to check off every banger i didn't do before i left... but on my way to the lake in the morning it started to rain, and hasn't stopped yet FML. i came across these banger pics of benson wishart on i have a couple tricks for these spots and want the rain to go so i can stack em. fucka yooooou raaaain.


ohhhhhhh babybaby. PA is grimey as fuck. this, if u needed ne further convincing is proof of that. lol at the fact u can pretty much see my old house. just another typical PA day, the knockout kick at the end is heaty. seen on everyones favourite site world star hip-hop.

September 21, 2011

jason vawter photography

i forgot JV was a photo'r. i was peepin the embassy and seen a link to his flickr which features a gang of good pics including some ninja house residents. 
 ninja house represent - dylan king

uncle father surrey and rooder

james dean

bitches, bikes and 40's has a bangin bails section thus far...

September 16, 2011

gt jam 2010 pics

slowly posting these online...
 clayton "dump some beer on that" fifield. look at that thumb action.
 nick muryn with a hippy hop over clayton and hot carl
 jerry norton ghost ridin the whip
crispy riggens - hand plant


holy shit. 300th post... so u know its gotta be a gem of a fold friday. some olympic action, a typical weekend at duffs and ur fave centerfold.

September 13, 2011

jason teet bsd edit

since were on the topic of teet, heres his latest BSD edit featuring vancouver spots like woah.

jason teet

 double tire, hastings elementry
teet is an animal. ice pick to barspin out

September 12, 2011

benson wishart

seen this these shots on you got that. non other than pa loc benson wishart. i think ADSS is no longer gonna be in use nxt yr... hopefully this spot is.

September 10, 2011

September 09, 2011

September 08, 2011

harrison gord

i haven't been on my blog game as of late cause the months of fall are soon coming and i'll have plenty of time to post then... heres some shots of gord from the olympus digi days.

itune check: james dean

james deans top 25 on itunes... hahaha now thats a playlist, patsy cline, nwa and gaga. almost 20 of these songs were made before 1993. bump these

September 04, 2011

September 03, 2011

clayton thornhill summer edit

clayton thornhill's summer edit. i got a couple other angles on a few of these. filmed and edited by zach


randy 3rd edit of summer. randy actually does a "bunnybar" off something, to bad it to grass. and the banger is goofy footed so it may or may not count... filmed and edited by zach.

September 01, 2011

dave l outtakes and scraps

im almost finished dave's ride on edit (bout time) and its bangin to say the least. heres some random clips, bails, and other footy that never made the cut. enjoy.