June 29, 2011

uncle surrey mixtape

dayumm. im stoked on this. dave starts this out and regan finishes it off, with a gang of homies in the middle. even i have a clip. i filmed a few things in here and was wondering when they were ever gonna see the light of day. thank god surrey has regans camera and now it gets some much needed use, becauseregansalwaysonafuckinboat.
video by: father surrey

re up: crisp poppin fresh friggins

lol. since were on the topic of GT jam here once again is poppin fresh crisp at his finest.

GT JAM 2011

GT JAM 2011. sooo seeing as my bike was fucked, as usual, i decided to film the entire time. there was a gang of footage i didn't use and this thing still came out to be damn near 20 minutes long. but i think it pretty much sums up how much of a blast our jams always are. featuring a laundry list of grimey ass muthafuckers who all came out for the cause. def alot of lols, wtfs, and omgs.... justin would be proud.
in memory of GT Justin Gair.

GT JAM 2010

another classic GT JAM. nik m. was campin at my house that week so me and him made the trek down. pro mountain biker anthony messere even came out. the best part for me was jumpin alan's civic hahahahahhaahaaaaaaaa. this was the weekend i met steven preston... ohhhbaby. thanks to aaron for lettin me sleep in his tree fort.
ps. remember all the pics i took? didn't think so... but i now recovered them off my old computer so expect to see them soon. maybe
video by: aviously cohen


GT jam 2009. this year was held at qualicum park. the PA allstars showed up in true PA fashion, late and drunk, decked out in basketball jerseys drinkin 40's. everyone else who was already there was running off little to no sleep. i remember a buncha pussy ass tricks goin down hahaha then next thing you know everyone was gone. so i self proclaimed myself best trick winner and 3'd off the top of the step up "to (09 as fuck) flat". the highlight for me was regans only trick that day up rail to face check the fence. gooooooood times.
video by: avi cohen

June 28, 2011

once lost is now found

HOLY HELL! my old computer blew the fuck up and stopped working completely a year ago thus losing thousands of unused pictures... today god must be stoked on me cause i turned it on and it actually booted up! i have tryed this countless times before to no avail. so i immediately got them all off and r safe on a new hard drive. there will be lots to come. heres a couple old drew glacier pics that i had on it that have seen the light of day before. but seeing as i haven't plugged his site this week (which he needs to get on) i'll post em up. ps drew holla at me, lets shoot sumtin.


pa on fu... again, its pretty much like meeting jesus, twice. 

time-lapse tuesday

setting up a tent. camping. weeeeeeeeeeeooooohhhhhhhhhhh.


this is some heavy shit. no gimmicks no byproducts. no standing around and talking or any bullshit like that. straight bangers! just riding u want at a price u deserve.
featuring: kyle ketch and daul poherr

skiing in june? u'd be a fool to not do it naked.

June 27, 2011

fold friday: monday edition

since i was too busy this weekend for foldfriday... heres a triple shot of ur favourite centerfold; my babe sg.

June 25, 2011

sean h

cleaning out my hard drive. heres a few lines with instrumental's sean h. this was the first day i filmed with my camhandle i made, sooooo the filming is pre sloppy. i'm not one to throw stuff away so here ya go. music by braeley whaley


instrumental skateboards aaron sheare and kris hemi. box sesh with a classic soundtrack that everyone knows the words to.

June 24, 2011

fathers day washington sesh

the gods aka mt washington staff blessed us with a day (fathers day) in june to shred. we took full advantage. there has been februaries with less snow than this. i don't c why it hasn't been open every weekend, cause u know we'd be all over that.
editors note: WASHY IS OPEN CANADA DAY! i can't count how many times i've had my "last sesh of the year" this year.

pa all day on bmxfu

pa all day on www.bmxfu.com i pre ordered fu4 and still havn't got it. hahaha. but charlie crumlish fixed that and now that bitch is in the mail. full review of fu4 as soon as im done watching it. the anticipation is killing me.

June 23, 2011


the man, the myth, the legend, the moffman.

and since were on the randy topic...

heres ya boy in action at the gorilla jam. enjoy.

June 22, 2011

pa all day shout outs

a couple name drops i found on the bmxfu site
all day shout out.

HUGE SHOUT OUT. last line, fave male porn star... "James Dean" brapbraaaaaap came up

June 21, 2011

tofino. one of the many stops on the no money no problem gypsy drifting tour. here pipe c throws down some airs and a few other things at the tuff city skate park.


kareem said it. so early were up with the birds.

June 19, 2011

dave laliberte

DAVE LALIBERTE. the dilly/dave/b-real house is my home away from home, at least for the last few weeks. heres some footy collected over that time. i just realized there is not a single clip of dave blasting ne quarters, which is absurd cause if u'v ever seen him air u know what im talkin about when i say he soars.

June 18, 2011

drew g

drew glacier clockin mad dslr footy. waterfall hike feat. brant tony and derek cappus.

pa all day custom sticker

d-wayne doughty balled out his bike with this pa all day sticker. more heat than a bonfire.

June 11, 2011

fold friday


canadian concrete

i'm so gonna dominate the 13 and under category. mark this shit on ur calender, set an alarm on ur phone and if u can't get the day off quit ur shitty job.

bmx influence

i remember being stoked as fuck on ne music video that had bmx in it. these r 2 prime examples. the best part is the PA shout out at the start of provider.

June 09, 2011

background bauto status

omgeeeeeeeee. i damn near forgot about this. i was in medicine hat alberta this x-mas and they have (had, the roof collapsed, r.i.p.) a dope indoor (and by dope i mean super slippery). one of the times i was there these dudes from calgary came for the sesh, i didn't know them and they probably thought i was a poser (which i am) cause i was riding my friends supersmall bike with a freecoaster and could barely ride... either way they were filming and tore the park apart, i never really thought much of it until a couple months later i seen this vid on the embassy and lone and behold booooom JAMES DEAN CAMEO at 1:03 in the back ground. check out http://www.bmxgallery.ca/ for all the grits and gravy and if ur in calgary go there and get some connected gear.


zane hudson owner and operator of CONNECTED has himself an interview up on the embassy. connected is the biggest brand in bmx right now, how do i know that? because i fuckin said it. click here and cop urself some dank gear.

screen shots

 james van de kamp - LIGHT SABER!!!!!!!!!!!
 dave liberte - highway hip
 kyle ketch
 paulie d
 kyle ketch - over, under, between.
 james dean
james dean - ninja

June 08, 2011

drewglaserphotography.com UPDATED

dr. drew recently updated his site. bout time. hes got some pics from his trip to antartica, or maybe its hawaii, you be the judge and click here. i also realized that he is starting to rep his blog which i am def stoked to see. bookmark, share and check errrday, more to come.

June 03, 2011

fold friday

random van photos

mtv represent

 K-MAK LIVE IN CONCERT. get ur tix now cause they're selling like hot pies
 shoot-up, deposit needle, sesh some ledges.

 fu's new line of pipes and bongs

plaza under construction

ohhh went to skateplaza... and the whole thing is torn apart, sad day. then i remembered this edit. then i realized they name drop kyle sketch in it. seen on Charlie Crumlish's vimeo. ps thanks to sam for hooking me up with a headset, much appreash.