July 30, 2011

get buck

happy saturday.

colony premier/revue

free shirts

free beer.

pa represent kayla f.

last night was the premier of the new colony video so being that i've seen the vid i think its my duty to give a review. first off there was a gang of free beer supplied by cariboo. that about wraps up my review of the new colony video there was a feeble or two in there somewhere and i think someone iced up to bspin plaza rail someone else crooked up it too. mick bayzand had the opening part and i remember some people after whispering that guettlers park was i lil lacklustre but i don't remember so thats hearsay. now go buy the video cause u know its bangin.

July 29, 2011

fold friday

once a pic is on my harddrive i own it forever... if u don't want me using pics of u, don't send em, and if were hanging out, don't get into a compromising situation. u just might end up on fold friday.
(if u wanna send in pics or vids of ne sort ie, ur sister, ur gf, you, riding, nudes, or ne thing u think is pa all day worthy send em to: paalldayblog@gmail.com u may just get ur own post)

July 28, 2011


if the posts r lackin on blogger go peep PA ALL DAY'S TUMBLR. iphoneshots.

kyle ketch re ups


jussssss because i miss him dearly heres some classic kyle ketch. and don't worry all u sketch fans he has a gang of new clips just waitin to be dropped like a veitnam bomb, but being that i have an overflow of clips, 5 projects on the go and editing is hard when ur homeless, it will be a minute before it drops.

canadian concrete 2011 round 2: lafarge

round 2 bitches. the ninja house has been TRAINING HARD for this one. even if u hate bmx u should go check it out just to hear RT rock the mic like no one can. go peep the canadian concrete site and mark ya calenders.

colony premier

this weekend is gonna be dank. ride on is hosting the colony dvd premier. scenester bitches, bikes and free cariboo. what more do u need? check out the colony site and while ur at it peep cariboos site which is akshully pretty dope

george bolter

george bolter-sproket stall barspin at the wood yard

beardog shuttin down woodyard

 pawplant over the barrier
 single paw stall
 dbl paw stall
steezy spine jump

zeppelin aka beardog aka ninja house attack dog has been puttin in werk lately hears a few bangers hes been workin on. shout outs to his bitches.

July 27, 2011


sarah n dana r down with pa all day. there ain't nothin wrong with starin at the clouds for hours.

July 25, 2011

free health care.

another day, another n00b gettin p0wnd. this kid broke his leg something fierce hoppin off the step down into the bank on a scooter at whistler park. he's american... thank god he broke his leg in canada... free healthcare holla. heal up soon homie.

"jimmy dean/ PA ALL DAY always bring the heat"

im pretty goddamn stoked on how many random people i've met that already know and r stoked on pa all day. were comin up faster than a bottle of 151. hit up http://www.northernembassy.com/ and click everything.

3ride rail jam

this is gonna be sick. get yo ass there.

james dean

 -for the bikersluts
-for the skatewhores

psss while ur at it hit up http://pa-all-day.tumblr.com/ and get stoked.


jake church - 270whip to ground eater
david hansen - 270 table
jake church - whip
jake church - body slam bike flip

i've been in whister for the last week,  crankwerks is over yet im still here... why would i leave. thus far i've met a gang of dope people and we've had nothin but the best of times. jake, liam and david r the newest additions to team james dean slash the pa all day pro team.

July 24, 2011

ain't no dome like air dome

-mark phillip wahlburg

sheldon fistgerald

the real bangers at crankworks were done by sheldon fistfuckingerald.

gt jam throwback

since were on the topic heres another pic from gt jam 010.  dave laliberte with his signature steezed to the max grizz air, with aviously cohen workin the camera. ps go cop some stuff from ride on.

anthony messere

yeah bmx. anthony messere won qualifying and got third at crankworks. another classic case of bmxer turned superstarmountainbiker. heres a pic of the lil guy from gt jam 2010. i really need to put all the pics from that online...   MAYBE one day.

July 22, 2011

fold friday

this weeks fold friday comes courtesy of some random brawd who craves attention, so use protection.

old nick d footy

old raw nick d footage. i ain't one to waste.


james dean.
as always go peep pa all day's tumblr for on the fly, up to the second random pics and vids.

sk8r n00b gets p0wn'd

ohhhhhhhhhh man. a good ol sesh at squamish park, one of the many stops of the team jamesdean tour. just casually skating next thing you know, boom rocked like a hurricane. the only thing that cheered me up about this collision was right after it happened the kids dad was like "at least i got that on film". so u know i copped it.

dave laliberte

dave laliberte. screen shot from some stuff we've been filming for ride on bike shop. go there and drop some dollas.


lightning is crazy. a split second between darkness and light caught on film.


i let this kid ride my bike at queensboro... bad idea, sorry brew.

July 20, 2011

gypsy life

internet is few and far between right now being i'm homeless living the gypsy drifter lifestyle... so for up to the minute play by play hit up http://pa-all-day.tumblr.com/ and peep all the randomness pa all days tumblr has to offer.

July 15, 2011

fold friday

 bonus points if u can guess who this is...
throwback alert. this picture is classic... real men have mussies.