June 09, 2011

background bauto status

omgeeeeeeeee. i damn near forgot about this. i was in medicine hat alberta this x-mas and they have (had, the roof collapsed, r.i.p.) a dope indoor (and by dope i mean super slippery). one of the times i was there these dudes from calgary came for the sesh, i didn't know them and they probably thought i was a poser (which i am) cause i was riding my friends supersmall bike with a freecoaster and could barely ride... either way they were filming and tore the park apart, i never really thought much of it until a couple months later i seen this vid on the embassy and lone and behold booooom JAMES DEAN CAMEO at 1:03 in the back ground. check out http://www.bmxgallery.ca/ for all the grits and gravy and if ur in calgary go there and get some connected gear.

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