August 16, 2011

battle for granville

sooooo as uuuuusual i damn near shit the bed on this one. i woke up at 130 to a gang of txts casually asking where the fuck i was... thank god i ended up right near dt from the nite before. this is wat i managed to get from canadian concrete "battle for granville" i missed a couple big tricks (tripwhip) but w/e. i hope they do this every year cause it was badass as hell. featuring the likes of, dave laliberte, dylan king,  (crankwerks pro mountain biker) anthony messere, wade lajlar, james van de kamp, ben kaufmann and brandon vandulkin. enjoy.
ps... i almost forgot to stir up some controversy... lol at the fact that anthony wins 3rd in THE BIGGEST MOUNTAIN BIKE CONTEST IN THE WORLD and can only get third at a box jump comp with a buncha washed up bmxers, hahahaaaaaa jkkk.

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