February 08, 2012

art student video submission.

keegan mooretello aka k-mak aka an accomplished college graduate comes thru with this lil edit of him and clay venne who i didn't even goddamn well recognize cause hes apparently goin bald.. that or he just got a haircut.


  1. Anonymous2/08/2012


  2. alanabortello2/08/2012

    nice camera, editing and filming was shitty though.

    lol for a minute there i thought you meant film school graduate, but clearly that can not be the case.

  3. kapila ragu pasta sauce2/09/2012

    yay keeeg!!!! so proud for your edit to be accepted on this cool bmx website!!!

  4. Cody ETHIER2/09/2012

    wow, 2 years in van just to produce the same shit I see every single day on - wait a minute, no, edits like these arent even good enough for any of the sites I usually check.

    but at least you tried, thats the main thing here. One of my most emphasized values is that people give it their all!

  5. Samm Whore2/09/2012

    woahhhhh HD never looked so boring and cookie cutter!

  6. Anonymous2/09/2012

    soo.... let me get this straight..... a random non bmxer whose taking art school made this?? that would make sooome sense...

    at least I hope no serious human actually made it

  7. Frodo Baggins2/09/2012

    I went to Mordor and back and seriously a fucking orc could make a better video than this

  8. lino g got nuthin for me with the glasses and the belt this shit sux

  9. Gandalf the Grey2/09/2012

    Man those HD cameras sure are interesting! they allow any Tom Dick or Joe to grab a dslr and think they are some sort of expert filmer/editor. too funny!!! Gandalf - OVER AND OUT!

  10. alana moorteletto2/09/2012

    keegan, i still love you and no poser skater will tear us apart.